Journey to Konya: 13th -18th December (Save the date ) 

A journey to Rumi’s Hometown, to visit the annual SHEB-I ARUS Celebrations, the museum & make several historical sightseeings! (the program & cost declaration of this journey will be done around summer 2021!)

Whirling/spinning is a physical action can be done by everyone…For more then 15 years DIP have been offering space & time in 35 countries around the globe to experience the magic of the centrifugal physics appears trough out spinning! In the mean time with its thousands of participants, its members and students DIP turned in to a huge international family. And finally we are so far that we can create our DIP open space also in Konya!As many of you knows, Konya is the city of the fames sufi master Celaleddin-i Rumi. There he lived & died! And there are celebrations happening every year in December!