DIP Performance

KISMET – 2018

Premiere will on on 12th May in Portimao/Portugal.
It is about how with knowledge created civilisation turns in to “cul de sac”, in to

apocalyptic reality! It’s structured as dance performance with computing, lighting,
live & video streaming, live & digital music!


Premiered at Ivan Vazov National Theater, Sofia/Bulgaria.

It is an artistic contemporary visual dance performance with live music and offers a

different rendition of the age-old dervish dance! Ney, percussion & electronic music

fulfil the needs of sound from different times and geographies as support to Dervish

BOLERO – 2014

Bolero is an experimental piece by Ziya Azazi, choreographed, produced and

performed in collaboration with composer/performer Claudio Bettinelli.

Azazi connects to the modern interpretation by Ravel and Béjart using elements of

contemporary dance movements, as well as Bettinelli’s digital touch to the music.

ENERGY – 2012

Premiered in Toulon/France on the 9th June, 2012.

“Energy” reveals the never- ending life cycle and the transforms that energy undergoes within this cycle. Everytime the dancer moves on stage, he transfers theenergy that he generates in his body to his surrounding .

EMBER – 2010

25’, Premiered in 2010, Valladolid, Spain

“Ember” deals with the desperation of man within the ongoing life cycle. The whirl is the artist’s struggle to survive and to make sense of this life by illuminating it.

However, this sometimes only flares up the fire surrounding him.

ICONS – 2007

60’ (no intermission) Premiered in 2007, Grenoble/France

“Icons” examines the concept of icon that is a part of life although we are often unaware of it. Dancers discover various icons throughout the performance, and they sometimes try to destroy, sometimes transform, and sometimes idealize them.

DERVISH – 2005

2004 – 60’ (with 15” intermission) “Azab” (20 min) and “Dervish in Progress” (25 min) with intermission (15 min). Premiered as full programme in 2005, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

“Azab” depicts the effort of man going through these 3 of the 4 doors. Man, who passes through the doors of the Law, the Path, and Realization in “Azab”, opens the door to Discernment in “Dervish in Progress”


This 25 minutes long solo premiered in 2004 in Barcelona, Spain.

“Dervish” is composed of two performances, the first of which is “Azab”, and the second “Dervish in Progress.


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