Dervish In Progress Teacher Education Program

DIP-TEP  was developed in 2017 by Ziya Azazi. The program will be in 2018 introduced for the first time and aims to gain new DIP instructors.

DIP-TEP offers 2 complimentary segments and each of them has 3 modules.

The first segment offers CORE-DATA. The second segment offers the FORMATION of Dervish in Progress. After both segments the participants will be so far that they can sharing DIP terminology as new instructor

CORE DATA (1st Segment & Core Data Certification)

It’s a reference guide about spinning world applicable in daily, professional, social& personal life, in any level (physical, mental & emotional).

The headings of the core data are as follows:
The basic law of spinning physics
The equation 3×3=DIP (gathering data, implementation and productivity)
Rustic anatomy & body analyses
Detailed description of the spinning session (preparations, take-off, journey, landing and return)
Other important topics & subheadings (historical, scientific, philosophical, artistic)
Core Data graduation deemed as 20 DIP days (60 spinning hours)
Core Data Certificate will be awarded to those who have passed the 1st segment
examination & have completed a minimum of 30 DIP days (90 spinning hours).

FORMATION (2nd Segment & Formation Certification)

The prerequisites for participating in the formation are:

Having a DIP-Core Data Certificate
At least in the last 2 years to be busy with any educational or physical discipline
Formation graduation deemed as 20 DIP days (60 spinning hours)
Formation Certificate will be awarded to those who has successfully completed
written, oral and applied exams & completed 60 DIP days (180 spinning hours).

* Details about FORMATION will be announced around the end of the 1st segment.


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