Transform With Whirling

We are giving our welcoming greetings with the article series about the most brood-over questions of Ziya Azazi’s 20 years whirling transformation journey and his Dervish in Progress terminology. Today, the main issue we’re going to cover is whirling!

So why are we whirling?


The answer is pretty simple; Because in the infinite space of our world, almost everything is spinning. This spinning is an enormous collaborative show with atoms, planets, stars, and then an association of solar systems and galaxies. Although a person puts himself in the center of the universe, when we look at the sky with a telescope, we realize that we are only a tiny dot in a very thick novel. Due to this terrible reality and the feeling of absence, he needs to purify his mind. Whirling, it is precisely in this sense of nothingness that humanity needs both to accept existence and annihilation.

Whirling is the sensation of the presence of a disappearing self.

The conditions of the world we live in are dragging us towards mass extinction at a rapid pace with each passing day. The main reason for this disappearance; is our crazy nonstop consumer habits for feeding, sheltering, and socializing. Our simulated life story originates from external factors that start with owning a thing and transforming it into another thing.
Hereunder, the whirling begins where the person purifies with this materialist being. Firstly, a person who starts to spin realizes his existence which he puts in the center of the universe, can disappear.

The Spin of Human


Our ancestors left a magnificent historical consciousness that has survived to the present day about their ability to adapt to their environment with combined survival skills in all conditions of nature. Humanity is noticing that we are one with nature and respect all the species through this consciousness. But what happens if we don't choose to reach this consciousness? Then we became far away from this awareness and turned as a living creatures away from the spirit of the time we live in. This alienation before causes separation of people according to their languages, races, and beliefs, then even destruction according to their lifestyles and ideas.A person needs a warning from the deep to get rid of all her evil thoughts, inner fears and to realize the coded cognitive defects.
During the return, the human being is exposed to the intense pressure of 4 main factors and discovers her mental existence.
Why the whirling affects people? What is the four main force of whirling?
At the beginning of the whirling journey, most people think that they will not achieve to whirl. They don't know how their bodies respond simultaneously; they are curiously involved in the process. Whirling can cause a physical reaction in significant numbers of people. This can be shown as nausea or an over-emotionality. So, why are the spinning action more effective than other dances and extreme sports?
Four main forces showed themselves in the whirling journey and impacted the human body.
  • Gravity
  • Centrifugal force
  • Frinton
  • Pressure
These forces cause people to experience many emotions, physical changes, and transformations they did not realize before. For example, a constantly spinning person feels the gravity sensation by the effect of being pulled down and remobilizes every single synapsis by centrifugal force. The power of whirling is so strong that it takes the person on her cognitive journey. The body, down to every single cell with this further electrification, starts to live its existence, breathing, and the mind games. The person who begins to transform with the whirling pours all the stones on her skirts one by one, allowing the mind to reach its most pure state. If we give an example from nature, this transformation is quite similar to the king cobra’s skin transformation. King cobras experience a change by sloughing their skin six times a year not to be damaged in the harsh conditions of nature. During this change, they spend about ten days semi-blind with their new skin. This is a time when they can be both vulnerable and more dangerous. That complex state of change and transformation becomes a new identity for king cobras after days spent half- sight. There is an important point here that neither the number of scales nor the skin shape never changes. However, they continue their lives stronger after each transformation. This is precisely where we want to arrive with the whirling. The spinning movement leads to a person's mental change and aims to reach the level of consciousness as a sage. The essence provides feeding into life with whirling.
It is to keep up with the return, not with an external transformation, but with a change from the inside out. The point is to pace with the whirling, not with an external transformation but with a shift from the inside out. The whirling is to explore the minimal presence. In the end, everything turns, and everything changes!
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