Contrary to popular belief, the whirling we see in the traditions of Sufism has been experienced in different forms for centuries in various geographies. Dervish in Progress offers individuals who believe in free thought and understanding the opportunity to create space and time, and to move, to think and to feel freely while whirling.

The reason why we started to organize retreats is because the DIP teaching has deepened over the years, and the need for longer meetings has arisen. Anyone over the age of 16, who knows or does not know how to whirl can participate to these retreats in the nature where we can escape from the noise, crowd and hustle and bustle of daily life.

DIP is a multi-layered teaching that has been created over the years, so it has been turned into an equation to make it easier. To understand this equation and terminology, we start with the multi-disciplinary warm-up technique we call DIP-UP and continue with technical and theoretical lessons. Then the first whirling is experienced. With DIP sessions, participants have the opportunity to deepen their whirling while putting what they have learned into practice. Questions are answered during feedback at the end of each day. 

There are activities such as walking, swimming, climbing, historical excursions, picnics etc. as long as the conditions of the retreat’s location allows. Our retreats vary in three days, one week and two weeks. When the natural conditions of the place where the retreat is held, there are activities such as walking, swimming, climbing, historical excursions, picnics, etc. 

Participation conditions to be considered before payment:

DIP is a training retreat. Whirling, which is considered to be a world heritage, has been experienced in our geography for centuries, carries people beyond their earthly nature, and keeps historical experience, mystical depth and philosophical questioning alive, is the basis of our retreats. These meetings are journeys that are experienced as a group. Participation in all activities and punctuality are essential in order to achieve the targeted efficiency during the retreat.

If you are going to come with your relatives, it is very important for the sustainability of the group dynamic that you do not socialise during the retreat. Group dynamics is something we care about deeply.

Please join us if you believe you can meet these conditions.

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