Ziya Azazi

Understanding and making sense of life, which accelerates and intensifies in every sense and layer, can only be possible by freeing local essences from their burdens and transforming them into universal knowledge and experience.

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The DIP Vision was formed by blending ongoing scientific and spiritual inquiries and 30 years of artistic experiences in 50 countries. Performances, workshops, presentations, and retreats based on this vision brought together tens of thousands of people. Hoping to transform through our new events also the new world…

02.09.2024 - 08.09.2024 DIP Volos Whirling Workshop Ziya Azazi DIP Volos Whirling Workshop
05.08.2024 - 09.08.2024 DIP Vienna Workshop Ziya Azazi DIP Vienna Workshop
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We are all in search of more efficient tool. It is with this awareness that DIP offers training programs and workshops that deal with how we can add whirling -as a world heritage- to our lives as a “contemporary tool”. See you in these programs based on learning, practice, trust, courage, love, and compassion…



A concise selection consisting of various photos & videos of Ziya Azazi and DIP from different periods, which will allow you to take a look at the fascinating world of whirling, is here for you…

Gizem Topal

I was very frightened when I watched myself here (DIP Madrid Workshop recording)... But then I saw that I did everything that I had been saving for years and couldn't vomit by running to myself instead of running to the sink. Then how much I avoided geJng wild, not inNmidating. Then I experienced how HUGE this seemingly small action actually is. I've lived quite a while. Then I forgot where I was, what I was doing, who I was... I ate myself. I slowly fell out with people I didn't know, in a country whose language and feelings I never knew. Not to be physically displaced, not to speak of! It felt so good not to understand... At least as much as GOING WILD... Thank you Ziya...

Can Jarna Öztürk

How can something be so pragmatic, spiritual and fun at the same time?! I respected a lot, it was very inspiring. I got closer to my body, it was what I wanted most. Playing with him… The thing I felt most lacking… Being alone together was very precious. My favorite thing! And here is the practice. There is closeness. Nobody is running a spirituality contest! Everyone is so natural... The way you have created such an environment and the way you hold it is very, very valuable. thank you teacher

Büşra Ekşi

I threw out an anger that was very big, but had no root or reason anymore, which was completely redundant in my system. It's hard to explain in words the contribution of the area where I le^ my body to be so strong, safe and full of love, and it would break the spell :) … I would like to thank you from the most beautiful part of my heart for this... I hug you with respect, love, friendship and unity by jumping on your huge neck.

Esin Tümer

And short notes after the journey: Whoever sees it says YOU SHINE. So this job polishes the soul… I don't want to smoke. I don't know how this happened. I thought the excess oxygen changed the body. Normally 1.5 packs/day; Now it's been 3 days, 1 package is not over… This job, that is, returning to my body, soul, mind, heart, eye, ear, every iota has served. In other words, the thing that touches my soul after doing yoga after hours happens here in a few minutes. Because doing pilates and trying to open my spine is almost ridiculous right now or walking to lose weight... I will return, I will provide all of these, on top of what I will discover, there is as much joy in the place as the unknown world... It was a strange answer, I can't explain to my life...

Zeynüddin Aslan

Social statuses, masks, ages, prejudices etc. all of them had gradually disappeared, and the journey towards the unity of being a soul had begun. We started with the body, which is the garment of the soul. We breathed, we knew our muscles, we loved our body, we found our axis, we organised our perceptions, we felt our existence, we realised our small universe… Tiny Neutrons and huge planets came together at one point and it became us. We saw that walking on the path to the Creator is within us and that there is an entrance door to that path from us. We came back, we came back, we came back… Only the one who returns

Özlem Baydar

It's like he took a bundle and turned it upside down. The crumbs in it spilled out one by one, the garbage was thrown from the inside, the sheath was relieved.. I couldn't leave everything about the past in my hand, in my palm, in my essence, I couldn't hold it inside. There were tears, they all poured into cleaning… So actually your job is; As I returned with Ziya, everything seemed to be left behind, I came back and became a new me.

Meltem Tolunay

Ziya teaches us to ignore what he calls the 'big boss', the brain, and his desire to always be in control. He tells us 'stop being civilised, don't make polite speeches, just go inside'. We do it on the last day. I turn for about 40-50 minutes, I turn around… This is how I love life, taking one step further every day, without fear, by trying, whether this step is inwards or outwards. I'm happy. I'm going to have my red skirt sewn as soon as possible and celebrate my birthday by returning this year. "

Canan Minkara Emgen

The only thing that cannot be forgofen in these three days, where egos are forgofen and sharing has different meanings for each participant, is the harmony between the energy and dynamics of the group and one's own interiority, and the peace and happiness on the faces of individuals who try to realize the art of the period with their own style, and the serenity that comes with the desire to reach the One. I would like to thank Ziya Azazi, who took the short time he had, to get to know new people, to convey his knowledge with a different method, to motivate and energize us with his interest in each and every one, and fill the class with his heart and return.

Hülya Değerbilir

We're on speed, we're in pleasure but we are residents what are we doing what our eyes see We are where our essence touches we go, we come back wandering around inside we mean We are staying in … Thank you dear teacher Ziya Azazi

Hana Rita Scherler

I would like to thank Ziya Azazi, who contributed to the lives of others with quality teachings, with the window he opened to his own 'process'. In my opinion, the combination of the content embellished with concise, understandable and memorable metaphors with a humble and sincere communication style enabled a selfconsistent workshop to take place. The fact that he was able to embrace a group of different ages, professions, religions, education and subcultures in various dimensions required by work, what else could it be other than the mental projections of the 'smart muscles' in his body?

Zehra Emiroğlu

Sir, working with you was one of the special Nme periods I lived. I faced some of my fears freely and by being alone with myself. It was very enjoyable to try to be myself honestly, to be able to dominate my mind although I rarely succeed, to explore with your guidance. It was wonderful to have a tremendous sense of inner peace. I'm looking forward to your next work.

Ayşe Dumral

My outlook on life and myself has changed. I overcame my fears. I started to question some concepts again. My boundaries have expanded. If this is a journey, I have only just begun and as you always say, I am not the same me anymore. And of course, none of this would have happened without you and your suggestions as teachers. We learned something new from you every time we afended. It was only with your miraculous energy and motivation that we could create our own miracle. I am grateful.

Elçin Canbaz

It made me see how valuable a "me" I am in my life. I will come back to myself, I can spare time for myself, you gave me moments. Your transfer of knowledge and motivation made me come back without any difficulty. What's more :) Thank you very much, I'm glad to have you.

Çiğdem Demirayak Özsoy

I forgot myself and got out of the selfconcept and saw that there was another me. I turned to my heart and felt me, my heart and my sincerity. Leaving the world and looking through another door, I saw what true peace was and where it was, that is, within me. You have lit a light on my path with your effort and courage...

Lamia Karaali

I was impressed by the speed at which my friends who afended the workshop opened up/transformed into a new state. And the fact that collective rotation can create a field of collective consciousness. For me, on the other hand, it was the joy of being able to stay in the flow without limits, as in my childhood.

Ceylan İpekçi

I have returned to the original Me in me; It turns out how much I hid myself from myself, maybe for the first Nme I stayed with myself and really became me. I saw how small I am with our place in the world you told us about, but how big I am with myself. I discovered that falling in love starts with myself, that the things that are called impossible are actually in myself and that the return that I never expected can bring me to myself so much. Thank you for helping me get out of me.

Özlem Atabay

Thanks to your guidance, I first realized that my mind and physical body had done an amazing job of protecting and keeping me alive all these years, and I had new gratitude. But of course, it's not just about that. The sleeper inside keeps me alive, but it turns out they needed boundaries to do so. The real fun used to start after I woke up and the borders were started to be removed one by one, by joining forces and turning around.

Özlem Onay

It was a serious experience for the existence and questioning of people throughout their lives. It was a pleasure to meet a beautiful heart and work that makes such good contributions to life and people. I understand your value. Thank you... With love...

Zuhal Tunç

I left the simulation called life and entered reality. Trust, like everything relative, is an illusion; You cannot trust, you can believe and you choose. You are what you choose when turning or stopping. In my new world, everything is meaningful, necessary, balanced now. I am finally at my centre. At the limits of my age and body, I intend to burn the excess on me and turn into air. Son of life holding my hand, you are the light like your name, I am eternally grateful to you.

Gökhan Deli

I was surprised how I could do things that I normally thought I would not be able to do in a foreign place, in such a comfortable way, and I saw that I could adapt… From now on, I will try to follow your activities and you with great pleasure. I hope everyone gets the chance to meet you one day and experience the feeling you make. Thank you very much for everything!

Handan Ergezer

A person's self-discovery, experiencing that he can control his mind, seeing that he can do things that he thought impossible, sharing the same environment with very sincere hearts while doing these, the first thing that comes to mind when he hears good music is the desire to return, throwing the weights off as he turns, and doing all these thanks to a great master and right next to him. How to describe it in a few sentences? I feel very privileged to know you dear Ziya Azazi… Endless thanks…

Meriç Fıratlı

I thank you too, Ziya Azazi, for your support, for creating and maintaining this space, for sharing, for integrating/integrating, for our journey of color at every moment, and for your big heart. Hope it continues with flavoring…

Süreyya Adiloğlu

Thank you Ziya Azazi for your heart, mind, soul and existence. It was an excellent experience for me. It's hard to forget, it's a lifetime share. Thanks…

Nilüfer Ömürlü

Yesterday, we had a great experience with our amazing teacher Ziya Azazi! We went on our own inner journey, we learned that it is possible to dominate our brain, and we started to look at life and ourselves from a different perspective. Here, we are not only learning to perform Semah, we are learning to live ourselves. I am grateful for what I have learned and what I will learn…


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