The One, Human(e), to See, to Shine

The stratification of becoming is known only by those who dive into it. Brave minds of each era and geography, though they spoke differently, they said the same thing:(The One); the sum of everything! 

We, as seen in the “Visible Dimension” of the One which was tried to be expressed by various adjectives, nouns, and metaphors, are humans containing something from “Invisible Dimension” 

Beginning with the big bang, first hydrogen, then fusions to other elements, and finally to the infinitely patterned universe (including other possible civilisations), since it is always possible to see with the light in this ostensible realm, we (metaphorically too) always seek the light.

The mind, which accumulates experiences in every direction and color, continues its effort to integrate itself and search for the meaning with its 8 billion versions in this world. It is as if it is constantly uploading data from life, which is getting more complex, to a server that we can call the "Humanity Cloud", so to speak. In other words, "the way of nutrition in the pregnancy of organic intelligence with inorganic intelligence". Despite all its darkness and difficulties, this evolution to this higher form of existence is a majestic change. This birth can be wonderful as we are human, faithful to the One’s integrity, knowing our place and gratitude.

Although it gets difficult to maintain the self-soul bond in this pregnancy period, we will experience deeper excitements when we develop methods that we can do this. Despite new disguised dictatorships or exploitative structures, those who shine with love and compassion will calmly continue their service to this new and higher consciousness that they sense on the horizon.
The best thing we can do individually is to remind ourselves that we can light the heart with love, the mind with knowledge, and the body with movement, and always stay towards the light. 

How good it is to migrate from somewhere every day
How lovely to camp somewhere every day
How preMy to flow without being frozen and blurred

All went with yesterday my dear
For all sayings belonging yesterday
New things need be uMered


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