Close Your Eyes and Whirl

Close your eyes,
Close more o,en,
As what you can’t see is inside.
Whirl, whirl more.
As it is you blocking your freedom.
You have become 8 billion,
You couldn't get enough of hunting and gathering
You have occupied everything and every place in the world,
You couldn't escape from your misery.
You couldn't fit the millennials and all the lands.
You have become so many races and genders, nations, and states.
You have seen wisdom and science, births, and deaths.
You haven’t got over your narrowness.
The victim of your pride, the vanquished of your arrogance,
a prisoner of your lust, lover of your throne
you seeing faults in the others, not being tired of competition
There is no another like you
destroying oneself in such.
Despite the broad history to be inspired,
You’re the one and only prone to recklessness and complacency
When it is not too late, close your eyes and whirl.
Close more o,en, whirl more;
As what you can't see is inside.
As it is you blocking yourself
Remedy to your quarrels and troubles,
compassion for their longings and desires
is just yourselves. 
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