Healing and Rejoicing Ourselves

As 3D organisms, we move every day in time, which is the 4th dimension, and we are constantly being built and destroyed! The mind preserves its transformative structure by making conscious and unconscious wanderings; that is, it learns and forgets, becomes agile and crippled. The becoming is measured by the ra:o between this destruction and the construction, and thus the meaning of life is shaped.

However, we prefer to find comfort in short cuts, to possess without paying, to choose knowledge over wisdom, to ripen without knowing ourselves. As if these weren't enough, we have found ourselves hoping
for help from the flaIering balloon life that we are constantly exposed to.

Knowing that lipstick does not change the lips, that the car does not add dignity to the man, that meta does not caress the soul, that myths do not offer freedom, we have turned into a humanity that is
deceived by the plastic lives shaped by these facilitators.

However, healthy sentimentality is only possible with a healthy relationship between mind and body. And only then is the spirituality of man activated; With the cycle of “learning, applying, producing and
sharing”, it becomes possible to celebrate and make sense of life.

That's why, in the accelerating life, we should meet the needs by exciting instead of tiring the mind, stroking the heart instead of destroying it, exhilarating the body instead of forgeting, and we should
always remind each other to heal and make ourselves happy.

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