DIP Retreat in Wendland Germany
Dervish in Progress (DIP) is hosting a retreat in Wendland, Germany, from April 30th to May 6th, 2024, tailored for both beginners and advanced practitioners.
Between April 30th and May 2nd, foundational teachings will be imparted, focusing on the core principles of DIP, such as ‘equation’ – understanding the dynamics of whirling, ‘steering the wheels’ – mastering control and balance, and ‘body analysis’ – recognizing and aligning body movements with the rhythm. Starting May 2nd, the retreat offers an integration of three specialized master classes:
  • Dervish Tango: A fusion of whirling & partner dances, emphasizing fluidity and grace, to experience dualities such as responsibility-surrendering, holding-dropping, accepting-rejecting, and taking-giving, masculinity-femininity in partnering.
  • Exploring the Skirts: This class delves into the symbolic and practical aspects of using skirts in DIP, enhancing the visual and spiritual experience. But also to incorporate the flow and movement of the multiple skirt whirling techniques and learn how to use the skirt as an instrument, partner, extension, or mirror of the body/self.
  • Performing DIP: Focuses on the performance aspect, combining technique with expressive storytelling, and how to captivate the audience with mesmerizing performances. The class covers various staging aspects, and aims to enhance creativity, emotional awareness, and performance skills.
Beginners and those looking to refresh their knowledge will be given basic information on the first 2 days. From May 2nd, three master classes will be addressed separately, but also will be blended together. As the retreat progresses, these classes will intertwine like puzzle pieces, helping participants better understand the teachings of DIP.
The aim is for practitioners to leave the retreat feeling they have progressed and ascended a level in their whirling dance skills, and thanks to the cumulative format of the information to make them feel the holistic advancement in DIP.
Note: You're welcome to join any or all of the three master classes, but it's completely up to you. Please send us an email or message before the retreat starts to let us know which classes you'd like to attend.
WhatsApp: +436605860660

Proitzer Muehle, situated in a serene setting ideal for immersive learning, is accessible from Hannover, Hamburg, Berlin, and Bremen airports. Upon arrival, a train to Schnega Bahnhof is recommended.
For additional information, visit www.proitzer-muehle.de or reach out to our co-hosts Lea Trampenau (+49 170 7532319) or Caroline Salomé Schubert (+49 176 24492226).


  • Check-in on 30th April at 2:00 PM.
  • Daily sessions include morning exercises for awareness, stretching, and power.
  • Daily theories & practices 
  • Two lessons from each master class every day.
  • Evening sessions dedicated to whirling practice.
  • Feedback and Q&A opportunities.
  • Provision of three meals a day, plus afternoon snacks and hot drinks.
  • Check-out on 6th May at11:00 AM, including lunch and access to common areas and studio on the final days.


  • 890 Euros (Double room)
  • 990 Euros (Single room)
Fees include accommodation, meals, snacks, and full training program.
 Booking and Payment
Online at www.dipshoponline.com
Alternative payment methods can be arranged by texting to +436605860660 or contacting dervishinprogress@gmail.com