Apriltsi Retreat
For a 4th year in a row we offer you and ourselves to detach from the urban environment, from the erratic everyday life, from the usual problems, with the intention to rediscover ourselves. Тo give ourselves time and safe space, to explore the depths of the conscious and subconscious, to spin together in a whirlwind of emotions and experiences.
Our beloved Ziya Azazi - choreographer, artist, dancer, teacher and whirling dervish in progress is coming again to Apriltsi , to conduct a 4 days DIP /dervish in progress retreat between 01th & 04th of September 2022.

DIP Retreat provides the participants with an opportunity to get to know their bodies, their boundaries, their fears, in short, themselves. An opportunity to step in to your inner universe.
It aims enhancement of awareness through blending the traditional methods with the contemporary ones and transferring it to the daily life. Whirling is by itself not the main objective, but is used as a tool to achieve this exploration. Whirling helps the participants to unfold their true energy by shaking their physical and mental states that they have so far been accustomed to.
We offer you DIP /dervish in progress retreat for a fuller possibility to detach yourself from the everyday environment, for a full holistic experience and the possibility to rediscover yourself. In the heart of the Balkan Mountains, at the skirts of peak Botev is situated the small, lovely village of Apriltsi, which will be our home during the retreat.

In the midst of wonderful nature, with delicious vegetarian food, morning yoga practices, creative activities and four days of DIP whirling with the remarkable Ziya Azazi , we want to spin some energy and rediscover the primal life force. Through diving in the DIP practices we aim to balance ourselves, unlock multilayered self knowledge and transfer it in all areas of life.

DIP is a way of life to expose real potential of body, mind and heart for greater understanding. A retreat for individuals to grasp personal, local, global and even maybe universal subjects with the help of various velocities, frequencies and intensities experienced in spinning and sound-works.
Accommodations are in double room for three nights in hotel Panorama Apriltsi. The program could be adapted to the preferences of the group.
In the studio are available: blankets, yoga mats and pillows Just bring yourselves and your most comfortable clothes.


280 € (all inclusive)
  • 10% discount for previous participants in Apriltsi (retreats with Ziya)
  • 10% discount “bring a friend” if 2 persons join together & are going to be in same room 20% discount for DIP TEP students (teachers education program of DIP)
  • Discounts are not cumulative, you can use only one discount for the event 

We would like to organize it with your help. We kindly ask all participants who have confirmed the event and have their own means of transportation, in case they want to share the transport with other participants, to write how many seats are available.

The hotel for the event is Hotel Panorama, Apriltsi: http://www.panoramabg.info/


Please contact us for participation and further information:
+359 887 983021 Tsvetelina
+359 888 902066 Iliyana