DIP Badolato Whirling Workshop
DIP going to be performed and with its terminology & practices offered as workshop at Insegui L'Arte Festival, in the historical small town Badolato, Calabria, Italy. As always DIP will offer space & time to enhance physical awareness, mental understanding and emotional sensitivity to reach greater goals in life. Spinning helps to mobilize the body, mind and emotions which gradually leads into the profound self, to challenge limits, extend comfort zone, and travel into personal new territory. By confronting and accepting unknown perceptual conditions and innovative movement, you will develop a higher level of awareness.

Insegui L'Arte Festival
21st, 22nd, 23rd of August
The workshop does not require any prior dance experience, just the motivation to engage with your body and the whirling movement. You can discover the depths of the whirling world and dive into it fully!
insta: @inseguilarte
+39 320 010 5731