DIP Linz Whirling Workshop
Whiriling is a special opportunity to find out how our patterns and habits of daily life work. Surrendering to the blurry state of the spinning world means experiencing a very abstract adventure. This can lead to enormous insights and discoveries about our true selves. Understanding and internalizing all of these impressions leads to a healthier body, a clearer mind, and a more intuitive ability.
This offer is aimed at physically and mentally healthy people!  
  • If you have experienced strong trauma, this workshop might be very intense for you. Whirling is no psychotherapy and is not a substitute for therapy. If you want to enter the workshop self responsibly, you are welcome - we recommend accompanying psychotherapeutic treatment for better integration.
  • Basically, anyone can participate in this workshop! Regardless of age (+16), regardless of whether you have any professional or hobby-related dance background.
  • Please bring light, comfortable clothing - as well as socks and a blanket. It is important not to eat too much or heavy meals directly before or during the workshop!
  • Workshop time is 4 or 5 hours per day, and we only take short breaks. Please bring some light snacks to nibble on in between.
The workshop language is English or German - depending on the need! Translation is possible.

Being held and holding is the most fundamental act of our social reality. When we physically experience this, it affects our mind and emotions and therefore reorganizes our being. Through this experience, we gain intellectual, emotional, and physical flexibility - more than we can imagine.
Dervish Tango is the experience of relating to another person through instincts and basic emotions in the intoxication of the whirling world.
Spinning in a circle with a partner is a unique opportunity to explore our daily reflexes and behaviors in relationships.
Friday night is suitable for beginners who would like to try out the technique of spinning or for those who have experience and want to intensify their theory and practice.
Saturday and Sunday will be the DERVISH TANGO workshop for advanced participants and interested beginners from Friday evening. If you come on Friday, you can also spontaneously decide if you would like to join for the weekend.

Friday 18:00 - 22:00 (DIP theory & First Kiss, session)
Saturday + Sunday 12:00 - 17:00
ENTIRE WEEKEND (basic & dervish tango)
190€ for club members, students, and professional dancers
BASIC ONLY (Friday only)
55€ for club members, students, and professional dancers
DERVISH TANGO ONLY (Saturday and Sunday only)
150€ for club members, students, and professional dancers
 -10% early bird discount for payments until 30.05.2023
In case of cancellation, 30% of the workshop fee will be retained.
Panta Chorei
Güntherstraße 1, 4040 Linz
The theory units may also take place outdoors depending on the weather!! :-)

Irene - tanzraumlinz@gmx.at