DIP Vienna Workshop
Dear DIP Followers and enthusiasts of the world of Whirling,
The Dervish In Progress (DIP) workshop will once again take place as part of the Impulstanz Festival from July 10-14 this year.
As always, DIP is creating a space-time for anyone who wants to deepen their emotional, intellectual, and physical awareness, going beyond traditional whirling and helping participants expand their boundaries through individual, pair, and group practices.
As you know, DIP, with its unique multidisciplinary structure, increases participants' awareness, allows them to master movement energy conservation, and enables them to develop an original whirling style. It also provides opportunities for personal and unique experiences, activating the body and mind and allowing us to access knowledge and intuition, thus enabling us to delve into deep emotions. As there is no fixed image, just like in the real world, while whirling, it reminds us to rely on our own axis and gravity, which helps us stand up straighter and gain balance in life.
DIP has been participating in the Impulstanz Festival since 2013, offering festival participants the opportunity to experience the world of whirling with its unique format. DIP, which has introduced the world of whirling to thousands of people in 35 countries to date, is eagerly looking forward to sharing this special experience with you by participating in the festival this year.
By coming to the DIP workshop, you will experience an exciting and innovative experience that will add joy to your life, rediscover yourself, and enjoy the novelty of an unfamiliar uniqueness.
With love,
Ziya Azazi
OPEN FOR ALL LEVELS Date: 10.7.–14.7.2023 Time: 17:30–20:00
Location: Workshop Centre Schmelz Auf der Schmelz 6, 1150 Vienna/Austria