DIP Madrid Whirling Workshop
"Understanding and making sense of life, which accelerates and intensifies in every sense and layer, can only be possible by freeing local essences from their burdens and transforming them into universal knowledge and experience."
When spinning, a person can experience all kind of emotions, physical feelings and inner transformations that may have never happened before. When spinning, we become transparent and we are able to transform ourselves, from our core to the external world.
In this workshop we will first explore the basics of spinning, to continue working other elements (steering the wheels, triple self, exploring the skirt...) that may pop up and are part of Ziya's work and philosophy.
Everyone is welcome, no previous experience is required. (Workshop languages: Spanish, English)
DIP Madrid, Spain 22nd - 23rd  April 2023 
Info & Reservation:
intothewhirl@gmail.com +34 608 19 88 54 (Alfonso) +34 676 16 11 74 (Kaena)