DIP Whirling Workshop Berlin
This workshop opens up a space for participants to challenge their limits, either individually or as a group. At the same time, it helps the participants to discover their own unique movement styles by teaching them how to save the physical energy they spend, and to reach a higher level of awareness by spending minimum energy.
The main purpose of this whirling-based workshop is to develop one's physical, emotional and cognitive awareness through whirling and other exercises.
This workshop offers time and space for its participants to perceive and accept what happens to them during their journey and for their intellectual, sensory and bodily transformations.
Another aim of this workshop is to prepare the mind, heart and soul for universal openness and freedom with whirling. At the same time, by increasing physical, emotional and mental flexibility and endurance, it is possible to look at what is happening in today's fast life from a wider perspective.
(Workshop languages: German, English)
190€ Regular Price (20% reduction for DIPTEP’ers, students, dancers, unemployed & retired)
Time: 25th Feb, Saturday btw. 4pm - 8pm 26th Feb, Sunday btw. 12pm - 6pm
Location: DOC 11, Kastanienallee 79, Berlin