Triple Self Triple Thinking Helsinki
The workshop Triple Self and Triple Thinking uses the perspective of trinities to examine the transformation of humans, whose brain weight has doubled since the beginning of the thinking animal process, through their ability to create myths.
The human mind is a concrete structure that thinks about abstract eternity. This workshop is a presentation in which this structure, which we can see as the mind-body-spirit trilogy, examines evolutionary, anthropological, religious, emotional, sociological, technical, spiritual, scientific, digital and such subjects in rough outlines of the past, present and predicted future. 
This workshop deals with emerging triads such as son-spirit-god, animal-sapiens-homo deus, reptile-limbic-cognitive, earth-machine-data, is to prepare the mind, heart, and soul for universal openness and freedom through whirling in DIP workshops. At the same time, by increasing physical, emotional and mental flexibility and endurance, it is possible to witness what is happening in today's fast life from a wider perspective.
This is a space where participants can challenge their limits through whirling, and stimulate their ability for the thrift of bodily energy.Through these abilities, they can reach their target movement within their own genre; spending less energy, and with a higher level of awareness. 
The language of the workshop is English.

Warm up: Stretching and breathing to enhance concentration prepares the body and mind to gain strength to push mental and physical limits. 
Awareness: This step includes floor work, body part and upside down exercises, basic acrobatics and improvisation on various levels. It aims to strengthen the awareness of senses and systems in preparation for meeting the unknown states that will be encountered while whirling. 
Whirling: In this stage of the process, participants will continue to develop their physical, emotional, and mental awareness through the practice of whirling. The process begins with a vertical orientation, and as participants progress, they will engage in repetitive movements on both vertical and horizontal planes. This step is designed to help participants become more attuned to their perception of space and their own physical bodies, leading to an improvement in overall awareness. It may also challenge participants to confront unfamiliar or unusual conditions, but by embracing the unknown, they will expand their awareness and ability to conserve bodily energy.

14th - 16th April 2023 
Friday 18:00 - 21:00 
Saturday 13:00 - 18:00 
Sunday 12:00 - 17:00 
DANCEST Dance Studio, Orapihlajatie 37, 00320 Helsinki 
Info and Registration
Safa Solati
+358 (0) 417207678
Registration Fee
Friday only: 160 €
Friday & Saturday : 240 €
Friday, Saturday & Sunday 270 €
- Early birds: 10% discount until 28.02.2023
- DIPTEP’ers, unemployed, students under 29, retired: 20% discount.
*If a participant cannot join on Friday, but wishes to join on Saturday or Sunday, they need to take a one on one session with Ziya Azazi beforehand. More information below. 
Important Note
The workshop content and given instructions are interconnected. Therefore, it is highly recommended that participants take part in all three days to experience the real goal of the journey throughout the workshop. 
Friday session is essential to prepare the participants for Saturday and Sunday. This means that if a participant is willing to join after Friday, they need to take a one to one session with Ziya Azazi to be ready to join the rest of the group on the following days of the workshop. The one to one session will need a separate registration at a separate cost.