3 Master Classes TADAH/Antalya
Join Ziya Azazi's DIP Master Classes and deepen your understanding of the DIP technique and improve your skills. The retreat includes 3 unique classes between October 24th and 29th.   In the "Exploring the Skirts" class, you will learn to incorporate the flow and movement of the skirt into your performance, creating grace and elegance. In the "Dervish Tango" class, you will explore the fusion of whirling and partnering dances, deepening your understanding of yourself and others. In the "Performing DIP" class, you will learn how to captivate your audience with a mesmerizing performance by studying important parameters such as lighting, music, decor, costume, dance, timing, placement, and more.   Each master class offers a transformative experience, allowing for creative exploration, emotional, intellectual, and physical awareness, and the development of performance skills.

In the "Exploring the Skirts" class, you will receive an introduction to multiple skirt whirling techniques and learn how to use the skirt as an instrument, partner, extension, or mirror of the body/self. You will experience creative exploration and experimentation with different styles and original plays. You will deepen emotional, intellectual, and physical awareness while spending less energy whirling with a skirt.
In the "Dervish Tango" class, you will explore behavior in relationships through partnered whirling, offering opportunities to know ourselves and the other person better. You will experience new dualities such as responsibility-surrender, holding-dropping, accepting-rejecting, feminine-masculine, taking-giving in our social reality. You will attain a more intuitive sensuality, a softer mind, and a more peaceful body, and a deep perception of spiritual concepts such as tranquility, maturity, comprehension, and faith.
In the "Performing DIP" class, you will learn all the necessary stage information and basic performance skills required for a DIP performance artist. You will study and practice parameters such as light, music, stage, decor, costume, acting, dance, timing, placement, and more in detail. You will gain multidisciplinary practices and theoretical knowledge that shape the Master Class.
These Master Classes offer a holistic experience, allowing DIPTEP students to deepen their skills and our followers to get closer to the DIP world. Participants can explore their creativity, deepen their relationships, and gain skills to live and perform with the DIP vision.
In this 5-day program, there will be daily 3-hour practical applications for each of the 3 classes, with evening sessions and free working hours for in-depth learning opportunities. Participants can join 1 or more master classes based on their preferences and needs. Reserve your spot in this special program to deepen your understanding of the DIP language as a transformation enthusiast.

  • Check-in must be completed before 3:00 pm on the first day.
  • Check-out should be done at noon on the last day.
  • Each mastery class lasts 15 hours.
  • Participation in 1 or more classes is possible.
  • Each morning, a DIP-Up session will be held to start the day.
  • Three meals of unique vegetarian and vegan cuisine will be provided.
  • Tea and coffee will be served throughout the day.
  • Daily theoretical and practical applications will be based on one-on-one guidance.
  • DIP-Sessions will be held to apply what is learned.
  • Feedback sessions will be held during dinner.
  • 12 hours of active learning per day.
  • The studio will be open 24 hours a day for hardworking participants.
  • There is a natural swimming pool, garden, and hiking trails available to relax and rejuvenate.

1 master class:
490 € shared bathroom
590 € double room
690 € single room
2 master classes:
690 € shared bathroom
790 € double room
890 € single room
3 master classes:
790 € shared bathroom
890 € double room
990 € single room