DIP Mersin Retreat
New location alert for Dervish In Progress(DIP) Retreat: Mersin! 
We are excited to announce that we will meet again in Mersin this year, with the feeling of whirling and transforming together since the first workshop we held in Mersin in 2017. This retreat, which will be held on September 14-17 in collaboration with @ssinemsimsek , one of the first graduates of DIPTEP Education and @kayraeğitimdanismanlik, will be our 4th meeting in Mersin. It will be hosted by @hukoyotel. A retreat in the forest, where we will get away from the city, awaits us. It is a great pleasure to see the distribution of DIP terminology in different geographies, but also the feeling of meeting with our own geography is an indescribable happiness. Let’s talk about what we do in the DIP program, which inspired us to meet with you in other parts of Turkey.
DIP is directly related to contacting the center within ourselves. With the practice of whirling, our perception of ourselves and the world changes and transforms. Hence, new neural pathways are formed in our brains that allow us to look at life with a fresh mind. Thus, we begin to enjoy the present moment and to feel. Our level of awareness increases, and a sense of inner peace and courage comes back. Whirling reminds us that there is a center within us that cannot be shaken by anyone. In this sense, DIP offers a space of experience where we accept ourselves as a whole, approach ourselves with curiosity and be free. With DIP, we can build flexibility and endurance and strengthen our nervous system.
Hope to experience this unique moment together soon!
LOCATION: Huköy Nature Hotel Education and Event Village, MERSIN-TURKEY
PRICE: The participation fee for the retreat (Dervish in Progress) is 450 Euros. Services included in the price:
  • Accommodation Fee | Full board (in double rooms)
  • Fee of retreat
Note: The transportation will be done by the participants themselves.